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Welcome Back!

Post  WTL|Beast on Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:27 am


After a short hiatus due to some douche wrecking the other site, Warcraft Titans League is back! We are going to pick up where we left off, at Week 4. The points/schedule has been updated. So we have usa sC leading with 19 points, and in last place it was usa MsY with -17 points but with their merger with A1 I'm in the process of finding a replacement team. To continue with the season I need the teams that are in WTL to confirm their participation. The teams:

usa cGz
usa InfC
usa nG
usa sC
international Nio
international RoS
international LaG
usa OwNu
usa EsG

Please confirm your participation at wc3titansleague@gmail.com with this filled out:

Team Name:

Head Manager:
Garena Account:



So I'll give teams will Sunday the 27th to confirm, and then we will start week 4 back up. If both teams get their profiles in and want to play their week 4 matches then they are more then welcome too, It would save me a lot of hassle Smile.

Week Four
OwNu 3-4 cGz
nG vs. Nio
EsG vs. sC
LaG vs. InfC

Solo A: TR / EI
Solo B: SV / TM
2on2: LT / Turtle Rock
ACE - Amazonia

cGz and OwNu played already before the site was hacked, so they have this week off regardless. The rules will be posted shortly, but I'm assuming (and hoping) everyone knows the rules, heres just a few reminders:

- 2 Bo2 solo's 1 bo2 2v2 and 1 ace.
- Must play race listed in lineup for first match.
- Upload all replays
- Be mannered
- If your battle report is not posted then make a make-shift report in the Battle Report forum and I will update as soon as I can.

Thats all really, I hope to get this league started up ASAP ^^ good luck and have fun!


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