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League Schedule

Post  WTL|Beast on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:41 am

Week One
cGz 5-2 RoS
LaG 4-3 EsG
InfC 4-3 nG
sC 7-0 OwNu
MsY 0-7 Nio

Week Two
EsG 4-3 cGz
RoS 2-5 nG
LaG 5-2 OwNu
InfC 3-4 Nio
sC 7-0 MsY

Week Three
cGz 4-3 nG
EsG 3-4 OwNu
RoS 3-4 Nio
LaG 5-2 MsY
InfC 1-6 sC

Week Four
OwNu 4-3 cGz
nG vs. Nio
EsG vs. sC
LaG vs. InfC

Week Five
cGz vs. Nio
OwNu vs. TBA
nG vs. sC
EsG vs. InfC
RoS vs. LaG

Week Six
SeG vs. cGz
Nio vs. sC
OwNu vs. InfC
nG vs. LaG
eV vs. LaG

Week Seven
cGz vs. sC
SeG vs. InfC
Nio vs. LaG
Ownu vs. RoS
nG vs. eV

Week Eight
InfC vs. cGz
sC vs. LaG
SeG vs. RoS
Nio vs. eV
OwNu vs. nG

Week Nine
cGz vs. LaG
InfC vs. RoS
sC vs. eV
SeG vs. RoS
Nio vs. OwNu

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