Infernal Cry [InfC]

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Infernal Cry [InfC]

Post  WTL|Beast on Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:28 am

Team Name: Infernal Cry
Team Tag: InfC
Team Country: USA
Team Website:

Head Manager: hunGry_tiGa
Country: USA
Garena: iCL]tiGa

Manager: Lychee
Country: Austria
IRC: Lychee
Garena: WC3L.Lychee

usa InfC.Jonas
usa InfC.PLaZMaTiC
canada InfC.Tricksta
usa InfC.Sonic
usa InfC.Cruncher
usa InfC.PreisT
usa InfC.HolyHuman
canada InfC.Hollow
international InfC.Nithala
usa InfC.8ropavE
usa InfC.BeyBlade
brazil InfC.PhilBoiS
usa InfC.Reset
usa random InfC.Axslav

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