Eternal Sphere Gaming [EsG]

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Eternal Sphere Gaming [EsG]

Post  WTL|Beast on Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:19 am

-Team Name and TAG:Eternal Sphere Gaming EsG
-Country: usa

- Managers info (Country,GGC Acc,msn,ICQ,etc)
-Country/race: USA / NE
-AIM: (Optional) jessemacmullen
-MSN: *Required*
-Email: *Required*
-ICQ: (Optional)
-Garena: *Required* esg.myaura

- Roster (GGC account, country and race)
usa EsG.Jake
usa EsG.RemanD
mexico EsG.Babysky
usa EsG.PerfeCt
canada EsG.PurGe
usa EsG.raiN
usa EsG.ELeCTRoNot
usa EsG.Dsharp
usa EsG.Dark
usa random EsG.ronnor
usa EsG.Huck
usa EsG.Kimse
usa EsG.Pride

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